Website Type Classification Web Type Design

 Website Type Classification/Web Type Design There are many types of websites, such as propaganda stations, dating websites, portal websites, shopping mall websites, information classification websites, government websites and so on. The functions of different types of websites will be the same, and the functions of the same type of websites are generally not the same. It seems to be a mouthful, but to put it bluntly, the functions of each type of website are customized according to the needs of the user. No matter what type of website is called, it does not directly stipulate which functions can only be used by this type of website. No matter what type of website is called, the functions are still determined according to our needs. The type of website is only for others to understand the nature of the website faster.   The most common website on the market is a publicity website, which is generally used for corporate publicity and display. Most of this type of website is to display co

Web page creation search box / website search bar development

  The importance of the search box to a website is actually proportional to the amount of information on the website. If there are only two or three pieces of information in a website, you can see it clearly at a glance, then do you need a search box? It's definitely not needed. If our website involves many types of information, and there are many different information attributes, then we need the function of search and filtering. Today, let's talk about creating a search box on a web page.   Now we come into contact with many websites are relatively large, for example: Taobao, Sina and so on. We can see that these websites will set up various search functions. So, do these search boxes work? Needless to say. There is a lot of data on Taobao, possibly hundreds of millions. If there is no search box function for these hundreds of millions of information, if we are looking for a product, we will probably find that the sun is falling and the earth is cracking, and the sea is dying

How to carry out large website development / large website construction production plan

  Website construction is simple and simple, and complex is quite complicated. How to say it? It depends on the function of the website. If it is a corporate website, no matter how complicated the function is, it is usually based on publicity and display, adding an ordering function, or data query. And if it is a shopping system, it can do basic shopping functions, such as membership system, order system, shopping cart, and payment functions. It is complicated. It requires merchants to settle in, it involves the settlement of merchants, and whether the merchant's store has a unified template or can customize the style, etc. are all issues that need to be considered. There are fewer issues to be considered for small websites, and more issues to be considered in the construction of large websites. So how to build a large website?   The construction of a large website must first clarify the framework of the entire website, first grasp the big direction and the big framework, and then

Dynamic Website Development Network/Dynamic Website Creation Platform

Most of the websites we usually come into contact with are dynamic websites. Whether it is a dynamic website, a layman cannot see it. But insiders can still see clues by looking at the code. There is a certain difference in complexity between dynamic websites and static websites. This is not to say that the more complex the better. Some needs are suitable for static websites, while others require dynamic websites to achieve, so there is no better or worse between dynamic websites and static websites. Only websites that meet the needs are good websites. The establishment of a static website is relatively simple, because there is no need to use the background or code, so we will not repeat the static website. Today we are going to talk about the dynamic website development network.   Who are you looking for for a dynamic website? What should we pay attention to when creating a dynamic website? This series of questions is what we will discuss next. Just now we mentioned that a static webs